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FedCyber is an annual cybersecurity event hosted by Matt Devost & Bob Gourley that brings together several hundred attendees to advance the dialogue on critical enterprise and federal government challenges. The FedCyber web site serves as the community nexus and information aggregator.

2015 FedCyber Date Announced - Registration Open

This year's event will be held on November 10, 2015 in Tyson's Corner. Register today at Events.FedCyber.Com

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Hacker-for-Hire Market is Booming, Says New Report

“It’s becoming cheaper than ever to buy hacking tools online. Intelligence analysts found that business is booming in underground markets for Russian and other hackers, according to a new report released Tuesday by security firm Dell SecureWorks Inc.” Source: Hacker-for-Hire Market is Booming, [...]

ENISA Calls for Cyber Crisis Management Framework

“European Union cybersecurity agency ENISA has urged decision makers in the EU to take action and create a cyber crisis management framework before a major incident occurs. Based on lessons learned from the aviation, civil protection, border control, counter-terrorism, and health and disease contr [...]

Data of Nearly 50 Million Turks Allegedly Leaked Online

“Hackers have posted a database online that seems to contain the personal information of nearly 50 million Turkish citizens in what is one of the largest public leaks of its kind. The Associated Press on Monday was able to partially verify the authenticity of the leak by running 10 non-public Via [...]

DHS issues solicitation for Security Operations Center

“The contractor would be in charge of just about every cybersecurity service imaginable, including network monitoring, vulnerability assessments and intrusion analysis. The SOC’s charge includes protecting the agency’s wide area networks, Internet gateways, security devices, servers and workst [...]

UK builds £40m military cyber defence centre

“The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is to spend £40m on a new Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) in an effort to strengthen the UK’s defences against cyber threats. The new centre will be based at a the MoD facility in Corsham, Wiltshire and will be equipped with ‘state-of-the-art’ defensiv [...]

Let’s Keep Hackers Out of Our Nuclear Facilities

“Besides the Stuxnet attack, it describes a cyber-theft at a Korean facility in December 2014 in which reactor blueprints and electrical flow charts were stolen. The earliest well-known incident took place in 1992 when a technician at a Lithuanian nuclear power plant introduced a virus into the in [...]

DOD wants tools to support cyberstrategy

“In June or July, DOD’s Rapid Reaction Technology Office, whose mandate is to ‘provide a hedge against technical uncertainty,’ will host a demonstration session for firms to show off their technical capabilities, according to a DOD notice. Defense officials are looking for capabilities liste [...]