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FedCyber is an annual cybersecurity event hosted by Matt Devost & Bob Gourley that brings together several hundred attendees to advance the dialogue on critical enterprise and federal government challenges. The FedCyber web site serves as the community nexus and information aggregator.

FedCyber 2014 Overview

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2015 FedCyber Date Announced - Registration Open

This year's event will be held on November 10, 2015 in Tyson's Corner.

The FedCyber Wire

Cost of cybercrime up 56%, HP says

via ZDnet Hewlett Packard on Tuesday released a new report concluding that the cost incurred by rampant cybercrime was up 56 percent year over year. “Cyberattacks increasingly plague businesses and government organizations, resulting in significant financial impact, despite widespread awarenes [...]

Debt Ceiling Deal and DOD Impacts

via GovWin The debt ceiling deal passed the House 269-161, with a yea vote surprisingly being cast by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.). The Senate is expected to pass the legislation in a noon vote, with President Obama expected to sign it later in the day to avert a debt default. Pentagon Faces Po [...]

Cyber guardians test their skills

via Colombia Daily Tribune They might not have looked the part, but the future guardians of some of your most sensitive online secrets were at the University of Missouri this week for a boot camp to help hone their skills. They were the participants in the U.S. Cyber Challenge, a four-day boot camp [...]

GAO: Hard to Define DoD Cybersecurity Spending

via Gov Info Security The Obama administration estimates the Defense Department will spend at least $3.2 billion on cybersecurity in fiscal year 2012, which begins Oct. 1, or so it thinks, according to an analysis by the Government Accountability Office issued Thursday. Reps. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas [...]

Senator pushes cloud as deficit cutting tool

via nextgov The federal transition to cloud computing is an overlooked source of savings as the government battles over trillions of dollars in spending reductions, the leader of a Senate oversight subcommittee said this week. A visibly weary Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., was addressing a conference Wedn [...]