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FedCyber is an annual cybersecurity event hosted by Matt Devost & Bob Gourley that brings together several hundred attendees to advance the dialogue on critical enterprise and federal government challenges. The FedCyber web site serves as the community nexus and information aggregator.

2015 FedCyber Date Announced - Registration Open

This year's event will be held on November 10, 2015 in Tyson's Corner. Register today at Events.FedCyber.Com

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Privacy firms boom in wake of surveillance scandal

“Indeed, surveys have found the unremitting surveillance scandal could take billion-dollar bites out of businesses whose stock-in-trade is user information – which is to say, much of the online economy today. But the events seem to be having the opposite effect on organizations promising to str [...]

Hacker Tool Targets

“The program is written to overload with meaningless traffic generated automatically, the researchers said. The data flood, creating what security professionals call a ‘denial of service’ attack, would then prevent legitimate users from accessing the site.” Source:Hacker Tool [...]

Special Report on FedCyber Summit Sponsor: SRA

Editor’s note: this is part of our series on FedCyber Summit sponsors. We especially appreciate our sponsors. They show a great appreciation for the federal cyber security mission and we want to bring attention to them here as a way of showing our gratitude. About SRA International, Inc. For mor [...]

Snowden persuaded other NSA workers to give up passwords

“Former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden used login credentials and passwords provided unwittingly by colleagues at a spy base in Hawaii to access some of the classified material he leaked to the media, sources said. A handful of agency employees who gave their login details [...]

Global digital wars take Australia hostage

“In a single week the world’s largest telecommunications equipment provider, Huawei, has swung from the prospect of being triumphantly welcomed back into Australia’s national broadband network to having Prime Minister Tony Abbott humiliatingly reaffirm Labor’s ban on China’s national champ [...]