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FedCyber is an annual cybersecurity event hosted by Matt Devost & Bob Gourley that brings together several hundred attendees to advance the dialogue on critical enterprise and federal government challenges. The FedCyber web site serves as the community nexus and information aggregator.

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This year's event will be held on November 10, 2015 in Tyson's Corner. Register today at Events.FedCyber.Com

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Russian antivirus firm faked malware to harm rival

“Beginning more than a decade ago, one of the largest security companies in the world, Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab, tried to damage rivals in the marketplace by tricking their antivirus software programs into classifying benign files as malicious, according to two former employees.” Source: Exclu [...]

Attacks on Fiber Networks in California Baffle FBI

“The attacker struck close to midnight, climbing into a manhole at the mouth of California’s Niles Canyon and slicing a series of cables that collectively carried billions of bits of Internet data. Hundreds of miles away at a Zayo Group Holdings Inc. network operations center in Tulsa, Okla., en [...]

Nine Charged in Insider Trading Case Tied to Hackers

“Federal authorities announced on Tuesday that they had broken up a five-year scheme in which rogue traders gave overseas hackers a ‘shopping list’ of confidential corporate news releases to steal, generating more than $100 million in illegal profits. The authorities filed criminal charges aga [...]

Someone At DEF CON Made a Drone That Hacks Computers

“A company called Aerial Assault has turned a quadcopter into a flying hacker that scans the world below for insecure devices and vulnerable Wifi ports. Its makers say they built the tool for penetration testing — to help ‘good guys’ diagnose their own weaknesses — but they concede that wi [...]

Hacker Cracks Satellite Communications Network

“A researcher says he can eavesdrop on — and even alter — data flowing through a satellite network operated by Globalstar, which provides communications services and equipment to militaries, oil companies, and many other organizations.” Source: Hacker Cracks Satellite Communications Network [...]

Reports: Russia Hacked Pentagon’s Joint Staff Email

“Russia is behind a spearphishing attack that forced the Pentagon to shut down its Joint Staff unclassified email system, NBC News is reporting. The hack, which took place around July 25, affected approximately 4,000 military and civilian personnel, NBC News reported. The news outlet cited U.S. of [...]

Staying Ahead of Cyber Attacks

Picking up a newspaper and turning on the TV, one is instantly confronted with news of yet another cyber hack. With cyber attacks headlining the news, millions of people are concerned with whether their personal information has been breached. These attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated an [...]

Top military cyber leaders convene for conference

“Just weeks after millions of Americans were affected by the largest data breach in U.S. history, the top military leaders in cyber defense are meeting to discuss how best to protect the country’s networks.” Source: Top military cyber leaders convene for conference Via OODA Loop [...]