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Subscribers to our in depth market assessments are provided with focused knowledge relevant to operational decisions. We also provide many specialized reports as part of your FedCyber Pro membership, including:


We also recommend you survey publicly available information on cyber mission needs. Federal agencies and their leaders are frequently cited in the press and this is a rich source of background information that can be of use to your strategy. Testimony to congress, GAO reporting and formal articulations of strategy are also key sources. We provide links to many documents of this type below.

Background on the Cyber Threat

Federal Civilian Cyber References

DoD Cyber References

  • Statement of General Keith B. Alexander, Commander, US Cyber Command Alexander Statement: HASC Testimony by General Alexander of 23 September 2010.
  • Advance Questions for LTG Alexander 2010-04-USCYBERCOM Advance Questions: Provides more details on intent of DoD and Cybercom.
  • The United States Air Force Blueprint for Cyberspace 2009-11-02-AFSPC Cyber Blueprint: Outlines USAF coordinated blueprint for Cyberspace.
  • Secretary of Airforce Memorandum on Cyberspace Missions AFD-090821-046: Provides secretary of the air force guidance for USAF.

Intelligence Community Cyber References

  • Remarks and Q&A by Director of National Intelligence Mr. James Clapper 20101006_Clapper speech: Provides overview of the current threat, including highlighting the blurring of old borders with new cyber threats.
  • Press Conference with Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Collection Mr. Glenn Gaffney 20091023_Gafney speech: Provides overview of some IC responses to the cyber threat.
  • Annual Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community for 2010 20100203_Blair testimony: Annual Threat Assessment by DNI Blair of 3 Feb 2010.

Some Knowledge of Federal Cyber Markets