Department of the Army

Army Mission Statement

The Army’s mission is to fight and win our Nation’s wars by providing prompt, sustained land dominance across the full range of military operations and spectrum of conflict in support of combatant commanders.

Army CIO/G-6 Goals

  1. Operationalize LandWarNet to Enable Global Warfighting Capabilities
  2. Dramatically Improve Network Defense Posture
  3. Realize efficiencies while improving effectiveness
  4. Enable Joint interoperability and collaboration with mission partners
  5. Recruit and retain an agile workforce to support an expeditionary Army

Cyber/Information Technology Trends

  • The Army has many missions in cybersecurity, one of their top IT priorities is providing networks to the disadvantaged user. Cybersecurity is an increased priority for users at the edge, because they do not have the bandwidth necessary to be managed users – so that every client must have a large amount of cyber defense engineered into them.
  • The DA has recently accepted the NIST cyptographic standards, a set of standards that were created to ensure protection of data at rest. This allows the DA to comply w/ OSD standards for data at rest.

Items of Interest

15 Aug 2011 — Army Cyber Command Focuses on Protecting Vital Networks

Army Cyber Command is up to a corps of 21,000 soldiers, led by LTG Rhett A Hernandez. This operation is responsible for defending the largest piece of the DoD global infrastructure grid (GIG). The number one goal of Army Cyber Com is ensure operation of all their networks – especially those in support of the warfighter.

18 Jul 2011 — Army, DISA pause enterprise e-mail for evaluation

The enterprise e-mail project underway in conjunction between the Army and DISA is taking a “30-day technical pause.” Army officials decided it after some technical and operational issues to take a break. They have been finding problems as they collapse the Army’s duplicative IT networks into a cloud-based, enterprise-wide e-mail services with a global address directory. This break probably just highlights the mess that is Army email.

10 Mar 2011 — Army Cyber Command is open for business

Command headquarters (location TBA) will require 1000 staff, with the entire ARCYBER force numbering 21,000. Locations in Fort Huachuca, AZ, Fort Belvoir, VA and 5th Signal in Germany. Key mission is to defend Army networks while transitioning to cloud computing model.

12 Jan 2011 — involved in building $1.2B NSA Utah data center

20 Dec 2010 — USmax Announces contract award for US Army ODC

USmax Corporation (“USmax”), a leading provider of Information Technology (IT) services, is excited to announce today it has been awarded a Prime Contract by U.S. Army to support the efforts of the Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC)–France and the Defense Trade Exhibition Program. USmax will provide Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) IT and event planning support.

29 Nov 2010 — SAID wins $11.9M for Army R&D

24 Nov 2010 — Co-operative Threat Reduction program awarded Northop Grumman IT w/ $75M contract for advisory and assistance services support.

25 Aug 2009 — Northop Grumman ID/IQ information operations and computer network operations

Continue to provide full-spectrum IO + CNO to the 1st I/O Command (land) Ft. Belvoir, as well as regional CERT teams (valued @ $430 M).

22 May 2009 — Headquarters DA activated Cyberspace Task Force

Headed by BG Steven Smith

  • Army Cyber Strategy:
    • comprehensive national cybersecurity initiative
    • information sharing, supply chain risk management, education

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