Defense Intelligence Agency

Defense Intelligence Agency Mission Statement

Provide timely, objective, and cogent military intelligence to warfighters, defense planners, and defense and national security policymakers.


DIA has a global mission and that includes cyber components on multiple networks. There are IT aspects of this mission but also all source analysts.

DIA IT Strategic Planning

  • Themes
    • On-Demand Access: Real time, 24×7, global, open information accessibility at the earliest point enabling all-source operations and information sharing
    • Collaborative Enterprise: Flexible and secure GDIP infrastructure, enabling horizontal integration of data and supporting network structure for collaboration across the IC
    • Enterprise Management: Enterprise-wide engineering and management of IT resources and service oriented architectures with regionally executed, common, standardized, shared IT services across the GDIP enterprise (RSC Model)
    • Mission Focused: Mission driven innovative IT solutions and cross-domain services to improve intelligence-to-operations integration
    • Integrated Investment Management: Disciplined, cross-organizational, funding decisions throughout the investment lifecycle using best business practices and performance based analysis
    • Speed to Innovation: Rapid and relevant discovery and implementation of emerging technologies supporting transformational mission operations (e.g. anticipatory intelligence, focused analysis, persistent surveillance)
  • Goals
    • Customer Satisfaction: Enhance IT customer management and provide enterprise capabilities and services that are relevant, timely, reliable and satisfy mission and customer needs
    • All-Source Operations: Provide on-demand access and collaboration capabilities across security domains and intelligence disciplines
    • IT Infrastructure: Achieve a global enterprise service delivery operating model
    • IT Management: Employ integrated IT investment management capabilities to enable standardized, objective decision making that promotes investments to achieve mission outcomes
    • Workforce: Align workforce skill mix to achieve GDIP IT strategic goals and objectives
    • Innovation: Improve intelligence-to-operations through IT innovation that is relevant, timely, and functional by leveraging emerging technologies and innovative reuse of existing technologies

Cyber/Information Technology Trends

  • DIA has responsibilities to field operational networking capabilities to the COCOMs and other DoD warfighters, especially networks that operate at SCI levels (JWICS). DIA runs cyber on those nets.
  • Other DIA contributions to Cyber include strong support to HUMINT and Counterintelligence related to Cyber. Support to all source intelligence analysis is a core mission.

Items of Interest

Agile intelligence is the name of the game at DIA

The DIA customers are looking for mission application environments that are flexible and agile enough to provide capabilities across the enterprise. DIA is working on a secure cloud environment that enables rapid provisioning.

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