Central Intelligence Agency

Central Intelligence Agency Mission Statement

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an independent US Government agency responsible for providing national security intelligence to senior US policymakers.

Cyber/Information Technology Movements

  • The CIA has multiple interests in cyberspace including a need to support intelligence I&W but also a need to protect their own systems.
  • Most CIA capabilities are very classified and they are hard to articulate in market assessments. However, we know they have needs for enhanced cyber support to HUMINT and CI missions.
  • Additionally, many agency interest areas can be assumed to be reflected in the cybersecurity related investments being made by In-Q-Tel.

Items of Interest

Former CIA Chief says to Declassify Cyber Vulnerabilities

Gen Michael Hayden, former CIA + NSA Chief, believes it is time to declassify some of the cyber secrets. This may lead to more transparency in the cyber domain.

CIA blames “technical difficulties” for website crash

The CIA’s website crashed for over 12 hours this month. DHS stated that it may be a crash, while CIA spokespeople said “Websites sometimes experience technical difficulties.” However, this incident should alert us to two things.

  1. Remind us of how vulnerable ANY website is
  2. Remind us of how important a strong cyber presence can be

All federal agencies, especially the CIA, may be looking for stronger website defenses in the future.

Leon Panetta speaks to House Intelligence Committee

The director of the CIA, in a discussion with the house panel that cybersecurity is the “battleground of the future.” He said “I don’t think there’s any question but that this is a real national security threat that we have to pay attention to, I know there are a lot of aspects to it. The Internet, the cyber-arena is this vastly growing area of information that can be used and abused in a number of ways.”

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