Global Connected Aircraft Summit: Airlines, operators, integrators, and technology providers

June 2, 2017
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Bob Gourley

The Global Connected Aircraft Summit (7-9 June 2017) provides airlines, operators, integrators, and technology vendors with a venue for advancing the state of  the entire aviation community. This fourth annual event connects business, technology, and industry perspectives and goes beyond just in-flight entertainment, to include operations, communications and technologies that impacts the aircraft and the traveling public.

Every year the summit brings a smart focus to cybersecurity topics, making direct contributions to the community and helping reduce cyber risk to all. For the last three years I have played a role in providing foundational threat briefs and helping with the dialog around mitigating those threats. This year the focus on cybersecurity includes great engineers from the aviation community and champions/leaders from DHS efforts in enhancing aviation cyber security.


For more on the event see: Global Connected Aircraft Summit

I hope to see you there!