Cybersecurity Executive Order Provides Agency Leadership with Opportunities and Challenges

May 15, 2017
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Marty Meehan

President Trump’s “Presidential Executive on Strengthening US Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure” is significant as it discusses improvements to the Nation’s digital infrastructure, protection of the power grid, replacement of antiquated IT systems, protection against cyber threats. It also makes government leadership accountable for cyber deterrence. Agency heads can no longer delegate responsibility for cybersecurity to their IT staffs. Risk management of critical assets is now a part of their mission and must be administered with resources (time, budget, and people) to accomplish this.

A few federal agencies an Office of Cyber Assessments but most have little resources for evaluating their operational resilience and cybersecurity practices. Considering this, agencies are looking to engage cyber experts to provide independent, third party cyber risk assessments.

Click on the icon below to learn strategies for federal agencies can develop cyber awareness, remediation, and containment strategies for cyber risk.

Download “Cybersecurity Executive Order Provides Agency Leadership with Opportunities and Challenges” Cybersecurity-Executive-Order-Provides-Agency-Leadership-with-Opportunities-and-Challenges-.pdf – Downloaded 1 time – 2 MB