Search Pioneers A New Way To Communicate: Recommend setting up your profile now

February 9, 2017
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Bob Gourley is known as the company making Bitcoin useful for developers. They provide capabilities like the 21 Bitcoin Computer which gives developers everything they need to build Bitcoin enabled apps. Perhaps more importantly they have provided tutorials, tips, FAQs and a place for developers to directly interact on all topics Bitcoin.

The company is now providing a new capability that will be of interest not only to developers but to a wide range of technologists and soon perhaps to the broader Internet community. They are hosting an ability for people to receive paid messages. In short, they are aiming to be “like LinkedIn InMail, except you get paid”.

Imagine a future world where if a marketer, headhunter, politician or journalist wants you to read a message they have to pay you. Imagine that extended to all forms of unsolicited communication, including knocks on your door at home or calls to your cell phone or home phone. This utopia is far off but’s new capability makes me think it will be here sooner vice later.  This glimpse of the future is a key reason why I recommend everyone visit their site and create a profile and test this capability out.

(Another reason to create a profile immediately is that names are going to go quickly and if you don’t claim yours now you might not get the one you want).

At this time you can select the amount you want to be paid per message, and you can also pick a charity to donate the funds to if you desire.

I’ve seen some VC and other tech giant listing donation requirements of $100.00 per inbound email.  As for me, I want to encourage testing of the new system and have set a donation requirement for contacting me via the site at $1.00 each.  Find me at

After you check out the site I would appreciate your views. The team at 21 would too I’m sure. There are plenty of new features that could be added to this capability and I can only imagine they will be coming soon (I’ve got my wish list and have provided thoughts to 21 via their slack channel).

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