What Home Users Should Do to Mitigate DDoS Threats

October 24, 2016
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Bob Gourley

We have all been watching Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks evolve and the bad news is that your home may very well have been involved in recent attacks. Bad guys use automated tools to scan and probe for devices they can take over and they don’t care anything about your desires in the matter. You should do what you can to push them out and prevent them from using you.

Here are some tips at how to do this:

  • Most recent large-scale DDoS attacks are coming from botnets that compromise IoT devices like connected cameras. So one thing to do is to think about whether or not you really want a connected device. If you do, do you understand how to change the default password of the device?
  • Future attacks will evolve and exploit other vulnerabilities. So prepare to be attacked in new ways. You will need to understand how to patch and update your devices.
  • You can also strengthen your network to reduce the chances of infection and also reduce the ability of malicious code to communicate out from your home by strengthening your home network and firewall.
  • Consider using a paid service for your DNS to enable a DNS firewall. This can prevent malicious code from communicating out from your home. In the event of a massive attack from your home to others it can enable you to stop the attack quicker.

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