TechNet Augusta 2016: US Army Networks and Services

September 1, 2016
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ov1This is the second in our series of posts on US Army systems and mission needs based on the AFCEA Augusta Technet.

The first was an overview you can find at: TechNet Augusta 2016 “Cyber in the Combined Arms Fight

Networks and Services.  The Army is emphasizing the “convergence of their lines of effort” to achieve a seamless integration of intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance and fires across the full spectrum of conflict.

As they look to improve the communications backbone that enables them to exchange information, they are proposing a three-phase plan to achieve this:

  • Phase 1. “Trojan Enclave” to connect the WIN-T Increment 2 (deployed units) to the Regional Hub Node through Ku/Ka SATCOM.
  • Phase 2. Joint Telemedicine Network (JTMN), which connects the field hospitals to the regional medical centers across the DoDIN.
  • Phase 3. Combat Service Support VSAT, which connects to the Regional Hub Node through the DoDIN backhaul.

Army Materiel Command, led by a four star Signals Officer, is attempting to take a bigger role in Cyber.

The next in our series on AFCEA August TechNet is on the topic of Integrated Electronic Warfare Systems (IEWS)