Black Mirror Transcends Fiction Into Reality

May 1, 2016
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Katie Kennedy

Fiction, especially fiction with technology components, can be an entertaining way to think through ethics issues. With that in mind a series we have been watching is the Netflix anthology called Black Mirror.

Black Mirror highlights the dark side of life and technology, is now a reality. In the third episode of Season 1, “The Entire History of You”, the characters are implanted with a device called a “grain”. This device records video of a person’s day, so the individual can replay past events of the person experiencing them, as well as share videos. We might not be to the point of implantable “grains”, but Sony is developing contact lenses capable of recording and playing back video.

Essentially, Sony has opened the Pandora’s box as suggested by Black Mirror. It will be interesting to see whether the Netflix series will transcend fiction into reality.