New Drone Is Both A Submersible and UAV: Think of the use cases of this incredible breakthrough

December 10, 2015
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The video at this link and embedded below shows a drone that can fly and maneuver underwater. A new type of drone that has never existed before. it is a rare vehicle that can operate in multiple environments. Watch as it transitions from water to air and flies and then transitions back.  Imagine the missions that can be done by this new robot, both in government and across multiple sectors of the economy.


This is just a first prototype, but it is enough to get us all thinking. We should, unfortunately, also think about what bad actors will do with technologies like this so we can mitigate those threats. The bad guys will still be with us in the future.

But the bottom line here: The positive benefits of this new style of robot are incredibly virtuous and we should all be thinking of ways we can leverage these great new capabilities to the benefit of our enterprises and society.