Securonix CEO Sachin Nayyar Interviews Former NSA Deputy Director Chris Inglis

November 12, 2015
FedCyber Wire
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Securonix pioneered the use of user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) for cyber security eight years ago and now provides the market’s most mature behavioral security analytics solution. The company worked with some of the largest global enterprises to develop a robust, enterprise-class security analytics platform that has proven very effective at rapidly detecting the most hard-to-see insider and cybersecurity threats across the private and public sectors.

Securonix is led by an all-star team of respected experts in cyber security, behavior analytics and artificial intelligence including Chris Inglis, former deputy director of the NSA and current chairman of the Securonix advisory board. Inglis served as the NSA’s chief operating officer at the time of the Snowden breach and subsequently joined Securonix where his insights on insider threat and security analytics influence the development of behavior-based security technologies.

In this four part video series, Inglis joins Securonix CEO Sachin Nayyar for a frank conversation about winning the cyberwar with strategies that have been tested across the Fortune 100 and the public sector should adopt.

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