Advancing Cybersecurity Innovation with QuintessenceLabs

October 29, 2015
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In a world of increasing cyber-hacks and threats, it is vital to provide strong protection for sensitive information. CEO and board-level demand have been the driving force behind new technology innovations to protect corporate networks and data. This is matched by rapidly increasing investments in cybersecurity startups, with companies and venture capital firms pouring money into dozens of cybersecurity companies each year. One recent example is Westpac Group’s investment in QuintessenceLabs.

Earlier this year, QuintessenceLabs announced their strategic partnership with Westpac Group. Westpac now has an 11% stake in the Australian security company, which delivers quantum cyber-security and key management technology. In addition to this investment, Westpac is one of QuintessenceLabs’ highest profile customers and has a seat on their board. This type of multi-faceted commitment is a win-win for all concerned: QuintessenceLabs clearly gains from the financial investment that supports product and business development activities, but also acquires important insights into security needs of the financial industry. In parallel, Westpac values the visibility to the latest security innovations, as well as being part of the development conversation, which ensures that the needs of their industry are understood and met. This reflects a broader pattern where the benefits of the rising investment in cybersecurity startups extend well beyond immediate monetary consideration to more strategic benefits of partnerships with new technology.

On the topic of QuintessenceLabs, interest is high and growing as they roll out their latest quantum cybersecurity solutions. Just recently, they became a winner of the annual SINET 16 Innovator competition. SINET is an organization that is focused on advancing cybersecurity innovation through public-private collaboration. QuintessenceLabs was selected from a pool of applicants from around the world, covering a wide range of solution providers offering cutting-edge technologies addressing cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.

On November 3rd and 4th, QuintessenceLabs will be at the upcoming Security Innovation NetworkTM (SINET) Showcase in Washington, D.C., where they will be presenting their quantum cybersecurity products. This includes their Trusted Security Foundation with centralized key management and high-speed quantum random generation, a suite of modular encryption solutions, as well as their quantum key distribution demonstrator. Following this event QuintessenceLabs will be attending the IA15 (November 9-10), the UK Government’s cyber-security and information assurance flagship conference, sharing information on its capabilities for UK cyber-security customers. See how QuintessenceLabs can be the solution now at these events.

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