Cisco Sponsor of the 10 Nov 2015 FedCyber Summit and Threat Expo

Cisco Sponsor of the 10 Nov 2015 FedCyber Summit and Threat Expo

October 28, 2015
FedCyber Wire
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The 10 Nov 2015 FedCyber Summit is proud to announce our latest sponsor, Cisco Systems:

Cisco is leading the digital revolution across Federal government through technologies that are transforming citizen experiences, processes and business models. Our innovative solutions in cloud computing, cyber security and collaboration are helping government integrate the Internet of Everything (IoE) to connect employees and citizens anywhere, anytime to better protect, serve and educate our nation.

Cisco delivers strategic and intelligent networks built on integrated and validated architectures, an extensive partner ecosystem and decades of expertise in best practices for government. Our solutions are helping government increase productivity, while reducing costs, by uniting BYOD, the cloud and shared services. We are helping government safeguard critical services and assets during times of cyber or physical threat so that our country and its citizens can continue to flourish. Working together with government, Cisco is helping deliver strategies for digitization that meet the 24/7 demands of today’s world while keeping networks secure.


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