WEBINAR: The Impact of Firewall Sprawl

October 15, 2015
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New research with the Aberdeen Group highlights how network complexity is adding cost and increasing risk.


Tuesday, November 3


12:00p – 1:00p CT

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Network firewalls have long been established as the ubiquitous first line of defense for every organization’s network security strategy. But the evolving needs of the enterprise have dramatically changed the make-up – and complexity – of network infrastructures. The result? Sprawling deployments of firewalls and other security devices that increase complexity, cost and risk.

Security teams and business leaders alike need to understand the impacts of sprawl and how a strategic solution delivering visibility, intelligence and automation can help organizations:

  • Overcome complexity.
  • Better manage network configurations.
  • Minimize security risks.

Join representatives from research firm, the Aberdeen Group, as they share their insights on the rise of firewall sprawl and learn how the FireMon platform answers the call for more strategic firewall management.

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