Manage Those Keys

August 31, 2015
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An unavoidable fact of life is that data breaches can and will occur. The jury is still out on when and to what extent we will be able to reverse this situation. However, in the meantime, to avoid appearing on the “wall of shame” of major breaches that expose confidential information, you had better make sure that all the data you use, store and transmit, is encrypted.

The toughest and most important part of encryption is not the encryption process itself, but the key management strategy and implementation. As Brian Lowans from Gartner commented “most organizations planning data encryption deployments lack proper data security governance and an encryption key management strategy, which increases the risk of data loss.” Data is often encrypted in silos and the keys are either not strong enough, not shared or managed correctly. All too often, policy management, access, key backup, and resiliency issues are not fully addressed, which seriously reduces protection or generates other data management problems. Another challenging question is: how are keys and encryption managed for data stored in the cloud?

While key management does not (yet) have the high profile of other security products, it is well worth your while to give your chosen solution close scrutiny. While there are many products available, most only offer partial solutions, creating vulnerabilities in protection and ultimately leaving the data exposed. Our assessment is that few solutions can address the real challenges of encryption key management as fully as the qCrypt and qCrypt-xStream key managers from QuintessenceLabs.

The qCrypt and qCrypt-xStream key managers from QuintessenceLabs incorporate:

  • Complete key life-cycle management to the most stringent standards
  • Built-in replication capabilities up to 16 nodes with automatic failover and restoration
  • Full KMIP and PKCS11 interoperability and vendor support
  • An encrypted keystore with a hardware root of trust
  • A comprehensive, easy to use client Software Development Kit
  • To cap it all, the world’s fastest entropy source, removing dependency from deterministic key generators

The qCrypt product suite is a game-changing solution to properly tackle the key management challenge, protecting your data even in the event of a breach.

Using encryption in the age of cyber-attacks is a necessity and to do that properly we need to examine more closely the challenge and complexity of key management. Taking a look at the capabilities of qCrypt-xStream is a good step in that direction.

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