Learn The Latest In Real World Cyber Defense at the 9-11 Sep Cyber Innovation Forum in DC

August 7, 2015
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There are steps you can take to reduce your digital risks and mitigate threats to your enterprise. One key step is to continue your self education in best practices. That is what the The 9-11 Sep Cyber Innovation Forum is all about.

This event, organized by NIST, DHS and NSA, will be a fantastic way to learn the latest enterprise-grade defensive measures.

Speakers include a long list of seasoned practitioners from organizations with direct experience mounting successful defenses against cyber threats.

Please contact us if you plan on attending, we may be organizing a meet-up sometime during the event and would love to know how we can reach you.

From the Event Site:

The 2015 Cybersecurity Innovation Forum is a three-day event hosted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and planned with the National Security Agency, and the Department of Homeland Security. This event brings government and industry together to focus on current, emerging, and future challenges, technologies, projects, solutions, and research in trusted computing, security automation, and information sharing.

The technical program covers four tracks:

  • Trusted Computing
  • Security Automation
  • Cyber Information Sharing
  • Research

Tracks include lectures, panel sessions and several will include live demonstrations.


  • Describe current and existing activities (guidance, solutions and technologies that can be used now)
  • Demonstrate solutions built on real world products that address specific current issues
  • Describe emerging activities (guidance, solutions, and technologies that are in progress or draft)
  • Describe new areas of research, concept ideas, and future activities
  • Bring together government requirements and industry solutions
  • Explore gaps or challenges that could be solved by trusted computing, security automation, information sharing disciplines, or an integrated approach of the three disciplines

For more and to register see: The Cyber Innovation Forum