CTOvision Now Curating Reference To Cyber Threat Intelligence Companies

July 30, 2015
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CTOvision seeks to provide information that helps enterprise technologists succeed. This includes curated lists of technologies we believe hold the greatest potential of making dramatically positive/virtuous contributions to organizational missions. Since all of us already know the big players in tech, we tend to focus on the smaller but still very capable firms, and now curate entries on over 270 of these disruptive forces for positive change.

Our CTOvision Pro members can easily access these curated categorized lists in the following topic areas:

Analytical Tools  |  Big Data  |  Cloud Computing  |  Cyber Intelligence  |  Communications  |  GreenIT  |  Infrastructure  |  Mobile  |  Security |  Visualization  |

The latest category of technologies we are curating is Cyber Intelligence. We considered it important to establish this directory since almost every organization we know of is doing research into better ways to leverage information to enhance their cybersecurity posture and to mitigate risks. The feeds provided by cyber intelligence vendors are becoming an important contributor to enterprise defense and risk mitigation efforts.

We are currently tracking ten hot cyber intelligence firms in this category and expect to be adding more in the near term.

Do you have firms you would like to nominate to us to track? Please submit your inputs to us on this or any of our other disruptive categories by use of our submission form. CTOvision Pro members can also contact us and provide feedback on these categorizations at any time via our “Ask The CTO” service.




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