Maturing Security Posture and Mitigating Concerns with FireMon

June 3, 2015
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According to Greg Young of the Gartner Group, many organizations are taking the “adopt first, secure later” approach to the cloud. Currently, IT organizations are initially finding ways to meet emerging business requirements, and then realizing the necessity of identifying additional security controls.

<a href="http://The involved work is typically acquitted slowly and piecemeal, based largely on a lack of dedicated funding. A good deal of effort goes into migration of existing network security infrastructure, and more importantly network security policies, to support cloud services.

According to a survey conducted by Jon Oltsik of Enterprise Security Group,

32% of respondents said their organizations use multiple public/private cloud offerings and find it ‘difficult to coordinate security operations consistently across all areas.’ Additionally, Oltsik notes that 31% of respondents believe ‘cloud computing exacerbates communications and collaboration problems between operations and other IT groups.’

With these findings, organizations are struggling to address the rapidly formalizing set of complex security management issues related to the evolution of networking. FireMon has not only addressed the issues in their “State of the Firewall Report,” but also among their customers and most large enterprises.

FireMon is an enterprise security management company that helps find, correct and ultimately avoid gaps in an organization’s existing network security infrastructure.

The FireMon Proactive Security Intelligence Platform gives security decision makers key management and operations data to reduce risk and provide appropriate levels of access. FireMon’s Security Manager provides the framework for making intelligent, informed decisions to implement security countermeasures in real time; therefore, an organization’s network is protected and business operations continue to run smoothly.

FireMon’s security architecture group is actively working to push new solutions ahead of the curve. Concurrently, they continue to support their customer’s use of the rapidly maturing network paradigms, as well as inherent security management issues that an organization creates.

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