Thwarting the Risk of Malicious Attacks on Medical Devices

May 27, 2015
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Wearers and users of medical devices may not be aware of their risk of having their device hacked. The software used to operate medical devices is vulnerable to malicious attacks. According to one recent report in particular, the attacks might:

impede or alter a device’s function, leak sensitive data, or otherwise cause the device to depart from its specified behavior.

In November 2014, a step towards developing code to prevent the attacks on the devices took place. A group of volunteers with an extensive range of backgrounds convened for a two day workshop in New Orleans. There, participants discussed building code for medical devices to reduce vulnerability of their systems to malicious attacks. The range of the volunteer’s backgrounds includes: cybersecurity, programming languages, software engineering, medical device development, medical device standards and medical device regulation.

From the workshop, authors Tom Haigh and Carl Landwehr created this report “Building Code for Medical Device Software Security.” The report highlights the mature elements discussed during the two day workshop, as well as refined research topics.

Read the “Building Code for Medical Device Software Security” here in our Research Library.

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