Great Global Brand Seeks Mission Focused CISO: Please help with networking

March 5, 2015
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By Bob Gourley

One of America’s most recognized brands, a firm that touches people around the globe, is conducting a confidential search for a CISO. A friend has asked me to keep my eyes and ears open to send names along if I know of a good fit.

I love to be helpful to both sides of the relationship in networking like that. If I can find a good match for a CISO I know and trust that is good for them personally and of course good for the firm that they join. And as you can tell from the headlines the more good CISOs working for good firms the better it is for all of us.

But it can be hard to be helpful in this sort of networking, which is why I wanted to bring this particular challenge to your attention. Here is the issue: Every good CISO-type person I know is very deeply engaged with their current pursuits (and those times when someone confides in me that they are networking they usually become deluged with offers quick). So when asked to recommend someone I can have a hard time making suggestions.

So here is the ask: if you are a CISO who is ready for a discussion about the next great opportunity to serve an important mission please let me know. If you are a mid-grade cyber security professional and believe you are a candidate for a mission-focused leadership position I would appreciate hearing from you as well. Military or government civilian’s with cyber security leadership experience might be great for this. If you or someone you know might be interested please just shoot me a link to your LinkedIn profile (contact me here or by LinkedIn).

I’d also mention that many CTOvision readers connect to each other via LinkedIn, and several gather at a group we call “The Synergy Forum.”  If you are a technologist of any sort please consider joining us there, and feel free to use that forum for your personal career networking.