ThreatConnect In The News: Washington Post Examines Link Between China and Anthem Attack

February 27, 2015
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By Bob Gourley

I just got off the phone with Adam Vincent of ThreatConnect. What a great leader and technologist. I have watched as he and a team of very smart, mission focused technologists turned his company into a provider of capabilities in demand by a growing number of Fortune 500 companies.

ThreatConnect provides a product of note, a platform for cyber intelligence.

But ThreatConnect also has a collection of world class analysts able to digest and extract meaning from cyber threat intelligence. Which is what we want to highlight here.

The Washington Post published a report focused heavily on ThreatConnect contributions to a better understanding of the Anthem hack titled:  Security firm finds link between China and Anthem hack

It reads in part:

A Northern Virginia cyber security firm says it has uncovered links between Chinese government-sponsored researchers and the hack of health insurance giant Anthem.

Malicious software used in the Anthem hack conclusively matches malware that was used to target a small U.S. defense contractor and that the FBI has said originated in China, said Rich Barger, chief intelligence officer of ThreatConnect.

“The malware is so unique — the digital signature is so precise — in these two incidents that we strongly feel the same Chinese actors were involved,” Barger said.

He said the links do not reveal who exactly carried out the Anthem hack but point to involvement of Chinese government-sponsored entities.

The company’s report comes as FBI officials say they are close to determining who was behind the Anthem intrusion, which was discovered last month and which breached the Social Security numbers and other personal data of 80 million current and former members and employees.The FBI also suspects that China was behind the breach, people close to the investigation have said.

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