Palo Alto Networks: Proactively Averting Cyber Attacks

January 24, 2015
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By Charles Hall

Cyber threats are becoming more advanced, persistent, and focused. The threat landscape is rapidly changing, and evolving faster than ever. Today it is difficult to determine who is winning: either those behind the cyber threats, or those fighting to prevent and remediate the threats. The strategy against cyber threats has been to throw more and more technology at the problem, in an attempt to keep up, and it is not working.

What if there was a way to prevent a cyber attack before it could ever happen? While no solution will prevent 100% of attacks, the goal should be to get as close as possible. Moving to a more proactive solution makes it increasingly difficult for attackers to achieve successful attacks.

In order to become more proactive, it’s important to follow a plan. Start by understanding the environment to be protected, including all applications in play. Decide which of the applications are legitimate for the environment, and whitelist those to prevent dangerous and unnecessary applications from running. This will reduce the amount of monitoring needed for malicious content and suspicious behavior. Remember that attackers can use programs that masquerade as legitimate applications, and continue to watch for suspicious behavior, even from legitimate, trusted applications. Don’t make the mistake of limiting monitoring to just web and email, or you’ll risk attacks from other areas.

It’s important to utilize every form of security to get closer to proactive prevention. A platform approach can reduce vulnerability and reduce overall risk by providing greater visibility across all parts of the environment.

Products from Palo Alto Networks can give you that platform approach.  Their next-generation platform is one that is striving to not only detect constantly changing threats, but more importantly, to prevent the threats as soon as possible. Palo Alto Networks promises to safely enable applications to prevent both known and unknown threats for all users on any device, and any network, physical or virtual, in a highly automated way, while sharing threat intelligence with their customers.  Their trifecta of Next Generation Firewall, Threat Intelligence and Advanced Endpoint Protection, can be the key to proactive mitigation of the cyber threat.