2015 Federal IT Spending Update: An analysis of the budget for CTOvision Pro Subscribers

January 2, 2015
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By Bob Gourley

The total federal budget is about $3.9 Trillion. Of that, about $1 Trillion is “discretionary” meaning it is something that the current government planners (Congress) government has a choice on. About $79 Billion of this is for IT. That is huge!

Many firms with great technologies believe the size of the federal budget means there is something there for them. That may be true, but if you think first about the money and how you can get it you are probably approaching this market wrong. The optimal way to approach this market is to understand government mission needs, understand how those needs translate into priorities and budgets, and then address the parts of the government where your technology can address their needs and budget.

As an aid to helping CTOvision Pro readers digest the federal budget and develop optimal strategies we provide overviews in two key ways:

Please look over both these references and use them to kick-start your approach to the federal market.

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