A Users Guide To CTOvision Pro

December 30, 2014
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By Bob Gourley

CTOvision Pro is a subscription based research and analysis service that provides more in depth research, analysis and reporting than our main CTOvision site does. If you have not given it a try yet, try it free for seven days by Signing Up Here.

With this post we provide tips on how to make the most of this information resource. We start with some general advice then provide info based on the two key user roles in our domain: technology creator and technology consumer.

General Tips: 

Log into the site by using the Login box in the right sidebar on any page.

You will notice after you sign in that your sidebar changes. You will lose the ad for CTOvision Pro and be presented with more information and links to additional content. You will also see changes in the menus at the top of the page.

After login you will be taken to your account page. You can return to this page at any time by clicking the link in the right sidebar.

Your account page gives you easy reference links to our research and also a link to enable you to update your profile with us.

Your subscription includes distribution of the CTOvision Pro Tech Report, which will update you on new exclusive content for our subscribers. You can also subscribe to other newsletters and make other changes here.

Tips For The Technology Creator

We cover enterprise missions needs and critical gaps identified by enterprise technologists and present this information in ways that can help you focus your R&D and engineering efforts. As we produce on these topics you will get alerts in your CTOvision Pro newsletter. You can also dive into the canon of market research here by using the shortcuts on our Research Reports page.

We maintain a close awareness of the mission needs of the federal government market sector. Understanding the drivers in this space can help you tailor your technology roadmap and can also help you decide if this is a market you should be pursuing. If you are just kicking off your research into this sector we recommend starting at our Federal Enterprise page. From there you can dive into overviews of every major government agency, which will include information on their key priorities and budgets. The pages also provide links to additional reporting we have done on that agency.

Other important inputs to your technology development roadmaps can be found in the functional reporting of our Special Technology Reviews.

As a technology creator, we would also like to ensure we are tracking what you are doing so we can report relevant info for our readership. Contact us by any way convenient to you (email is great, or use the special CTOvision Pro user Contact Form). We would love to know what is on your mind. We especially would like to hear if you have a technology or company to nominate for our technology directory: Submit a Firm Here.

Tips For The Technology Consumer

We are constantly on the lookout for information critical to enterprise technology decision-makers and provide context via the  CTOvision Pro newsletter. We also categorize technologies by major functional area in ways that can speed your market research. Each of these topic areas has context on trends then lists of the technologies we believe most relevant for enterprise decision-makers seeking solutions in these spaces.

You can accelerate your market research into available technologies by reviewing our actionable information and context in these categories:

Our latest reporting on Megatrends informative for your strategic and operational planning cover these major concepts:

We also provide a library of white papers and studies curated for the enterprise technology consumer. These include research produced by our staff and also other reputable sources we select for relevance for the technology mission.

This CTOvision Research Library is curated by our analysts into categories of:

Please continue to drive our research agenda by letting us know other topics we should cover for you. A key way to do that is to use our “Ask The CTO” feature, a special contact form only for CTOvision Pro users.