The Threat Brief: Providing daily context on threats to your mission

November 3, 2014
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pdb 1024x682 The Threat Brief: Providing daily context on threats to your missionThe newly revised formats and enhanced reporting of our daily ThreatBrief have caused readership to take off. We really appreciate and are amazed at the response.

There are threats to your business and mission needs. Tracking them can give you insights that drive your decisions. This is the operating thesis behind ThreatBrief. Our goal is to make this product your most anticipated read of the day.

Here are extracts of some of the unsolicited notes we have been receiving:

Just want to comment how much I enjoy Your Daily Threat Brief.  It is well laid out, easy to follow, and the links provide easy access to the expanded stories.  This is a well thought out, logical product, that just flows very smoothly.  Thanks for enabling me to receive it daily.


I really like this new format and content… Great job!


Bob — I like it!


Good move Bob.  I love it!


Nice job on this. We should collaborate here!


I really like the Threat Brief coverage.


Bob…this is an excellent product/compilation. I can see a great deal of utility in the corporate world…good product…you are thinking ahead of the box yet again and I applaud this work.


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