Bring More Analysis to Your Data: learn key architecture lessons learned over breakfast in Tysons Corner VA

August 25, 2014
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By Bob Gourley

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Cloudera Breakfast Series – Washington, D.C.

Leading organizations are changing the way they think about data with an enterprise data hub and driving everyday decisions and actions, from fraud prevention to insider threat analysis to exploratory analytics, with new information and new insights. Transform your organization with an enterprise data hub and make your data a core asset in meeting your agency mission.

The following is from Cloudera:

Bring More Analysis to Your Data

The data-driven agency requires a lot from its data. Mission objectives like cybersecurity, fraud detection, and risk management need a full range of capability – from examining trends and establishing baselines to driving operational decision-making and powering predictive analytics. Current architectures, unfortunately, segment these efforts into distinct, separate systems, requiring costly duplication to provide these capabilities.

Rethink Analytics

Public and private sector organizations using an enterprise data hub (EDH) powered by Apache Hadoop realize cost effective, consolidated storage and computing capabilities that bring multiple analytical engines to the same data sets without data duplication.

Join us for the second of our three-part series on the power of Hadoop to:

  • Drive Data Consolidation – How the Hadoop platform is a foundation for converged analytics and can drive data and application consolidation efforts.
  • Enable Advanced Analytics – How an EDH delivers complex analytics like fuzzy search, graph processing, and iterative machine learning.
  • Leverage Analytical Partners – Why an EDH is the best way to connect your existing applications and tools to big data.

Learn how you can do more with your data with both new and existing analytical tools with an EDH and Cloudera.

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