White Paper: Automating Your Cyber Defenses Including Malware Removal

June 10, 2014
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By Bob Gourley

automatingmalwareremovalThreat actors are increasingly automating their attacks, making defense harder and overwhelming incident response teams. Defenders have long looked to automated discovery as a means to mitigate this threat, but until recently, mass automation and response/threat removal hasn’t been a viable option.

With changes in technology, enterprise cyber security professionals can now leverage automated in-line response and recovery to enhance security. This approach has been proven to significantly improve enterprise defenses. We believe this is the only way to reduce the impact of malware and breaches in a cost effective way.

This paper
Automating Removal Of Advanced Threats (2 downloads)
captures the results of a review of industry technology trends, community standards for information exchange, CISO lessons learned in the domain of automation, and enterprise IT mission needs to produce a draft list of requirements which can be a starting point to accelerate the modernization of your cyber defense enterprise.

Download “Automating Removal Of Advanced Threats” Automating-Removal-of-Malware.pdf – Downloaded 2 times – 918 kB