Hexis Cyber Solutions and HawkEye-G: Built with deep understanding of the cyber threat to the enterprise

April 10, 2014
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By Bob Gourley

We have previously written about Hexis Cyber Solutions (see evaluation here). With this post we provide more context on the state of the cyber threat, which is a key driver of the need for the HawkEye-G solution from Hexis.

Here is the nature of today’s cyber threat against enterprises:

  • The Cyber Threat continues to grow in every metric. There are more threat actors, the sophistication of their techniques grows, the capabilities of their technologies continue to increase, and their ability to penetrate systems without detection is also growing.
  • Enterprises today still have perimeters worth defending, but this approach has never been successful against a determined adversary. Additionally, with enterprises supporting mobility solutions for the workforce and web applications for customers and partners, the perimeter is becoming even more muddled. No matter how well an enterprise defends, adversaries will get through the perimeter some way.
  • The two factors above mean enterprise incident response teams stay busy. Every organizational incident response team I know stays totally overwhelmed. This is hard, continuous work.
  • Although the threat is serious, they are not 10-feet tall. They must obey the laws of physics and the same computer science they exploit can be used to find/fix and mitigate what they do.
  • Even the best threat armed with the best tools leaves a trail. It may take a pro to find it, but no one is so good that they can be invisible. Enterprises that effectively instrument and automate have a much better chance at finding bad guys quicker.

Hexis was born with a deep understanding of the nature of the advanced threat. And they built a system in HawkEye-G designed to rapidly detect, engage and remove the threat from enterprises. In our next post in this series we will dive deeper into the enterprise technology drivers of the HawkEye-G approach. Till then find more information here at: HawkEye-G.