Mach37 Spring 2014 Cohort Companies: Watch these hot new disruptors as they accelerate

April 3, 2014
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By Bob Gourley

We have previously written about Mach37, the Virginia Cyber Accelerator we hold in such high regard for their quality programs. With this post we would like to give you a high level overview of their Spring 2014 Cohort. They are:

Axon Ghost Sentinel – Hugh Brooks, President, Harrisonburg, VA – Inspired by natural self-organizing systems, Axon Ghost Sentinel’s cyber security products provide lightweight, adaptive, scalable, and decentralized security for mobile and traditional devices, and enterprise networks. Our products can integrate with existing solution suites and instantly detect and pre-empt abnormal behavior in devices and networks without compromising performance or privacy.

CardKill Inc. – G. Mark Hardy, CEO, Largo, FL – CardKill™ software preemptively identifies, locates, and terminates stolen credit and debit cards before they are used in fraud. No one else does this. We’re compatible with current card fraud prevention tools. We find things that forensic investigators usually miss. We help our customers protect their customers.

Disrupt6 Inc. – Joe Klein, CEO, Leesburg, VA – Disrupt6. – Using techniques and concepts originally applied to Air Force combat operations, we leverage dynamic next generation networking (IPv6) and application techniques to allow real-time responses to threats across both IT infrastructure and cloud services.

Fast Orientation, Inc. – Dr. Sam Small, CEO, Menlo Park, CA – Fast Orientation allows organizations to query, reason about, and respond to enterprise events in real time. These capabilities quickly provide users with context and empower them to make responsive and timely decisions. Utilizing common and well-known conceptual abstractions, users at all levels of an IT organization are enabled to interact with information that accurately describes past and present enterprise behavior. With this new level of accessibility and expressiveness, Fast Orientation promotes operational health, continuous awareness, and security in a powerful and innovative way throughout the enterprise.

identiaIDentia Inc. – Dr. Nick Duan, CEO, Herndon, VA – IDentia Inc. is a technology company that specializes in cyber security, identity and access control management (IdAM), and cloud security. Our flagship product, IDentia, provides enterprises with a lightweight and cost effective IdAM solution to enable enhanced identity trust and fine-tuned access control. Integrating the latest industry open standards with PKI technologies, IDentia is designed to maximize the security strength in enterprise systems in a cross-organizational environment.