Invincea Making New Contributions To Cyber Defense Including Insights Into Adversary Capabilities and Intentions

February 24, 2014
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By Bob Gourley

By now you probably know of the innovators in malware threat detection, end-user threat protection and pre-breach forensic analysis at Invincea (I am very proud to be one of their advisors and track them closely).

Invincea has continued to evolve their capabilities and one you will want to track closely is their Management Service. Designed to enable you to centrally configure, manage, analyze and report on your Invincea FreeSpace deployment, it also enables threat data analysis and pre-breach forensics capabilities that are unrivaled in the space.

Imagine getting actionable intelligence from every thwarted attack. Imagine gathering intelligence on your adversary without them breaching.

For a hint at what this can mean for your organization see the video at this link and embedded below: