MegaTrend Update: Cloud Computing

February 17, 2014
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By Bob Gourley

The continued march to cloud based services that connect to appliance-like devices now includes a full spectrum of options including private clouds, public clouds, edge clouds and blended clouds. This move to cloud capabilities is transforming business models and operating approaches. It is also having a direct impact on server sales globally.

Regarding security, we continue to believe that when security is engineered into your solution, cloud computing is a much more secure approach. There are  issues, of course, with multi-tenancy, availability, confidentiality of data. There are also issues of requiring assurance of path to capability and a need to be able to apply more rules to every gate at line rate with no delay (for more see Centripetal Networks).

Cloud computing also enables new, powerful ways to conduct analysis (for example, Recorded Future has models, methods, software and interactive interfaces into the predictive power of the Internet. Platfora has user-focused analytical capabilities that can run in private clouds to leverage all the data of an enterprise. Pentaho provides capabilities that can extract info from public, private or blended clouds to the benefit of analysts).

For more see our special CTOvision Pro report on Cloud Computing Technologies.

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