The Guide To Professional Hadoop Solutions For The Enterprise

February 1, 2014
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By Bob Gourley

hadoopsolutions I’ve known Kevin Smith of Novetta Solutions for years and have been a huge fan of both his ability to write about technology and his ability to field enterprise grade solutions that really work. He knows real enterprise solutions require focused planning, solid designs and an attitude of enterprise-focused teamwork. He is the kind of author that writes well because he writes frequently and writes relevant because he fields real solutions.

This makes anything Kevin collaborates on to write a good project. His latest book is written with Boris Lublinsky (principle architect at Nokia and author of 70 other publications) and Alexey Yakubovich (a Hadoop architect). Together they have collaborated on “Professional Hadoop Solutions“, a great “how-to” book and guide for the systems architect.

I am particularly impressed with the security chapter of this book. There are many challenges in the security environment related to Hadoop deployments and it is important for architects to know both the history and status of core Hadoop in this regard. There are configuration steps that can be taken that greatly reduce security risks and this book can guide you through ways to optimize your clusters in this regard. For those requiring real industrial strength security you will want solutions like Sentry on the latest distribution from Cloudera as well as their enterprise management tools and of course commercial support. But if you are just looking to scope out the kinds of issues you will need to deal with you will find a great introduction to security in this book.

My recommendation: Add Professional Hadoop Solutions to your library. It is a great read that will give you lots of food for thought and help you speed your deployment.