An Update on @ForgeRock: This company is quietly transforming the entire stack of enterprise identity management, access control and authorization capabilities

January 8, 2014
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By Bob Gourley

It has been a while since I’ve written about ForgeRock and after getting an update from them to day I’m embarrassed to say I should have been keeping you all more informed. If you are a program manager, systems architect, software engineers or CIO/CTO/CISO you should really be tracking what this very virtuous firm is doing.

For context let me remind you that ForgeRock started as a team of very smart enterprise IT and open source technologists with experience with the open source identity management capabilities from the Sun/Solaris world. Their vision was to enhance support to enterprise customers while continuing to enhance the Open Identity Stack of tools needed by every enterprise.  I first learned about ForgeRock when Scott McNealy gave me a head’s up on the potential very positive difference they could make for any enterprise and have kept them on our “Disruptive IT” list ever since. But as I hinted at above, I dropped synch for a while and have just realized they are not only meeting their initial objectives of enhancing support to open identity, but they have created what may be an entire new market, something we have all wanted but have not been able to articulate.  They are now providing capabilities that enable far more than identity management. They provide IRM, the evolved/improved version of IAM.  IRM, Identity Relationship Management, is now a hot topic thanks to ForgeRock. IRM has technical differentiators over the old IAM, but the biggest differences are in how solutions are designed and applied and the mindset of organizations that take this IRM approach. IAM is about security and protection of who has access to IP and resources. IRM extends that to include enterprise reach securely to enable more trust-based relationships and broader mission-focused partnerships based on trust.

Here is a bit more about ForgeRock and their open source solution and approach from their website:

We deliver a revolutionary approach to identity management through our Open Identity Stack, subscriptions and training.

Our solutions are delivered to you through a simple Open Identity Stack used to build reusable and efficient business processes and controls. Once you download our open source, sign up for a ForgeRock subscription and get access to unlimited personal support, real-time product releases and our active online community.

You can also register for a course at ForgeRock University, our online training program that arms you with the skills you need to execute a smooth deployment plan and become proficient with our Open Identity Stack

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