Become a Google Glass Explorer and Help Prepare Your Enterprise For The Coming Age of Wearables

December 10, 2013
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glass_1We are part of the Google Glass Explorer program and have enjoyed being able to use Glass to help think through some of the potential of this new category of technology.

After spending time with this I believe Google Glass will be a success in the market. I can’t say that every home will own one. But I can say the device is here to stay and every year I expect to see improvements in the hardware and a very rich ecosystem of applications to continue to grow around it.

It already brings several capabilities that can be considered “killer” apps, like the ability to search Google and ask Google anything and have an answer delivered via the your widest band interface, your eyes. But this is not the only thing it does. More and more apps are being fielded.

Soon enterprise CTOs, CIOs and CISOs will be confronted with users seeking to use Glass and other wearables to accomplish enterprise missions. Organizations that have thought through how to leverage these devices (and do so securely) will be at an advantage.

Which is a reason why you might want to consider joining the Google Glass explorer program. If you become an explorer you can learn more about the capabilities and can start thinking through the impact of these devices on your organization.

Google is allowing us to nominate others who are ready to be part of this program. If you would like to give Glass a try please connect with Bob Gourley via Google Plus and send a note saying you want in. We will get your details to Google and they will take it from there.

Here are more details:

– You must pay Google for the Glass. You will be buying a computer and monitor that goes on your head so expect that to be expensive (you may want to talk your company into making this a business expense).

– Glass Explorers must be US residents 18 years or older.

– When Google asks you will have to give them your US shipping address or pick up Glass at a facility in NYC, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

If you want me to give you a nomination please get in touch via Google Plus.