Attend This Cyber Security/Risk Discussion: I Guarantee You Will Be Smarter For it

December 3, 2013
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new-dc-talks-seminarOne of my personal and professional IT heroes is Bob Bigman. He rose to senior leadership ranks in the IC by an ability to continuously learn and think and act and execute on hard tasks very well. He served as the CSO for CIA and since retiring from there has continued to help a broader community move forward on reducing risk and enhancing the protection of information. I learn every time I hear Bob speak.

You can learn from Bob yourself by attending an event he is participating in on 10 December 2013. The event is a Cylance talk titled “Risk Does Not Equal Threat”. It will be held at SRI International’s Rosslyn facility starting at 1400.

Here is more from the event write-up:

Attacks, malware and careless users may trigger alarms, but that does not mean your business is in danger. Compliance and risk management requirements, while necessary, result in additional work, time delays and operational cost in prioritizing what’s really important. Identifying the risks that are true threats to the organization is critical.

Join Cylance’s Chief Knowledge Officer, Dr. Shane Shook along with industry experts Bob Bigman (President of 2BSecure and former CSO for the CIA) and Ulf Lindqvist (Program Director at SRI International) for a rousing round-table discussion on how your organization can determine what is a real threat, and what is merely a risk.

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