Special Report on FedCyber Summit Sponsor: Microsoft

October 31, 2013
FedCyber Wire
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Editor’s note: this is part of our series on FedCyber Summit sponsors. We especially appreciate our sponsors. They show a great appreciation for the federal cyber security mission and we want to bring attention to them here as a way of showing our gratitude.

About Microsoft Security:

Microsoft provides a broad portfolio of security capabilities to organizations and their security team provides a single point of contact any federal organization can use to tap into this extensive capability. Security consultants products and services can enhance the security posture and reduce the risk to your enterprise.

Microsoft also provides important configuration tips and guidance for employees, family and individual users. A great starting point reference for all is at This page will help you if you want to protect your systems using free Microsoft Security Essentials, or want to ensure you are running the most recent security updates, or need to get help with any other capabilities.

For more see the Microsoft Security Center at: