Invincea Announces Major Revenue and Deployments Milestones, Names 17 New Clients

October 28, 2013
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Editor’s note: I am so proud to be associated with Invincea as a member of their advisory board. They are changing the world in very virtuous ways. If you work in an enterprise I most strongly encourage you to evaluate them as a potential contributor to your security posture. Without them you are an intrusion just waiting to happen. – bg

The following was just announced by Invincea:


Invincea Announces Major Revenue and Deployments Milestones, Names 17 New Clients

Company achieves 200% quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year growth,  now protecting nearly 10,000 organizations world-wide, rebrands flagship product as Invincea FreeSpaceTM

FAIRFAX, VA – October 28, 2013Invincea, Inc., an innovator in the use of secure virtual containers for advanced malware threat detection, breach prevention and forensic threat intelligence, today announced that it reached major sales and deployment milestones in Q3 2013 with 200% quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year growth. The company’s software is now deployed in nearly 10,000 organizations worldwide – touching dozens of industry verticals such as energy, oil & gas, high tech, financial services, healthcare, retail, transportation, defense industrial, federal and state government agencies and companies of all sizes.

Invincea today also named 17 new enterprise clients including:  The State of Colorado, Boston Financial Data Services, Kennebec Savings, Ballentine Partners, Bank Leumi USA, Shepherd Medical Center, the New York Police Department, New York City Police Pension Fund, General Atomics, Telos, the Federal Aviation Administration, the U.S. Library of Congress, the Department of Energy, the National Institutes of Health, the State of Georgia Emergency Management Agency, DRS Technologies and BAE Systems.

“Invincea is really changing the game in terms of combatting user-targeted attacks,” said Bruce Brody, CISO at DRS Technologies. “They help us combat spear-phishing and watering hole attacks, have the ability to spot zero-days in use in-the-wild and don’t get in the way of our users. It isn’t at all surprising to me that they are having this success in market.”

In June 2013, Invincea became the first technology of its kind and the only anti-malware solution to ship straight from the factory on all Dell commercial devices including: Precision, Latitude, and Optiplex machines. The OEM deal announced by Dell is now shipping Invincea on more than 60 million devices globally over the next three years.

Today’s announcement points to the company’s emergence as the new standard in combatting zero-day malware and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) on the endpoint and reinforces market analyst assessments of the company as the market leader in its sector; as well as recommendations for companies to seek out the types of controls Invincea delivers.

Forrester Research’s Rick Holland recently recommended that organizations; “Don’t just rely upon network security based controls that detect delivery of malicious code…use the new breed of endpoint solutions that detect exploitation of malicious code on the host.” (Observations On The 2013 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, Forrester Research, Inc. blogs, April 22, 2013)

According to Neil MacDonald at Gartner, “By year-end 2016, 20% of enterprises will implement Windows containment mechanisms for end users handling untrusted content and code, up from less than 1% in 2013.” (Technology Overview for Virtualization and Containment Solutions for Advanced Targeted Attacks, March 12, 2013)

“We believe Forrester and Gartner have it right in terms of understanding where the endpoint market is going,” said Chris Smith, Vice President of World Wide Sales at Invincea. “But at the pace we are on now, I’d respectfully submit that Neil’s projection of even dramatic growth of 20% enterprise adoption by end of 2016 may be a bit too conservative. We’re literally seeing demand from every corner of the market – including the smaller end – and Invincea is poised to become the de facto standard in endpoint security in the not too distant future.”

Invincea is recognized as providing one of most advanced malware prevention solutions in the market – having recently been named a finalist for the 2013 Northern Virginia Technology Council Innovators Award and having previously been named “Most Innovative Company of the Year” at the RSA Conference 2011 and “Best Anti-Malware Solution” for 2012 by Government Security News. Invincea’s solutions include an endpoint security software suite and threat intelligence appliance. Together these solutions offer a unique ability to protect enterprise networks without requiring prior knowledge of attacks, commonly called attack signatures, against all types of threats directed at end-users, including zero-days, by seamlessly moving applications that run untrusted content into controlled, secure virtual containers that automatically detect and terminate threats in real time. Rebranding of the flagship product to Invincea FreeSpaceTM, reflects feedback from clients related to a major Invincea value proposition – freeing users to be productive online while keeping them safe.

About Invincea, Inc. 
Invincea is the premier innovator in advanced malware threat detection, breach prevention, and forensic threat intelligence. Invincea is the market-leading solution that provides enterprise networks with coverage against the largest attack surface for cyber-breach attacks aimed at end-users in the form of spear phishing, drive-by download exploits, poisoned search results and user-initiated infections.

The company’s solutions include a desktop security software suite and threat intelligence appliance. The solutions offer a unique ability to protect networks against all types of threats directed at end-users, including zero-days, by seamlessly moving applications that render untrusted content into controlled, secure virtual containers that automatically detect and terminate threats in real time. Invincea’s platform seamlessly moves the browser, PDF reader and Microsoft Office suite from the native operating system into secure virtualized environments without altering the user experience. The company, which was founded by Dr. Anup Ghosh to address the rapidly increasing security threat from nation states, cyber-crime, and rogue actors, has commercialized technology originally built under DARPA funding. The company is venture capital-backed and based in Fairfax, VA. For more information, visit



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