CTOlabs publishes White Paper on Web Intelligence Support to Cyber Operations

October 28, 2013
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By, a subsidiary of the technology research, consulting and services firm Crucial Point LLC and a peer site of, has just announced a white paper titled  ”Leveraging Web Intelligence to Enhance Cyber Security.

This paper, which was sponsored by Recorded Future, examines this new category of Web Intelligence in a cyber defense context and provides information you can use in deciding the best ways to integrate Web Intelligence into enterprise cyber security operations.

The lead author of this paper, Bob Gourley, led some of the first contributions of all source intelligence to cyber defense in the US Department of Defense and has been an active contributor to the cyber security and technology communities for two decades.

From the paper:

Web Intelligence can contribute to dedicated cyber security efforts by parsing and correlating millions of data sources relevant to computer security. Succinct articulations of threat actors, their capability, history and intentions can be presented along with dynamically updated information on vulnerabilities and methods required to mitigate vulnerabilities. This can all be presented in conjunction with dynamically updated information on international and Web Intelligence for Cyber Security Operations regional events that may trigger cyber security events. This automated extraction and presentation of knowledge is already contributing to the situational awareness of several global industries and is now available for general use by cyber defenders everywhere.

Download the paper at: Leveraging Web Intelligence to Enhance Cyber Security