Special Report on FedCyber Summit Sponsor: Platfora

October 21, 2013
FedCyber Wire
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Editor’s note: this is part of our series on FedCyber Summit sponsors. We especially appreciate our sponsors. They show a great appreciation for the federal cyber security mission and we want to bring attention to them here as a way of showing our gratitude.

Platfora cuts through big data hype and delivers business value on hadoop.

Platfora is already having great mission impact in multiple industry verticals, from healthcare to manufacturing to finance and media. But some of its greatest potential impact is in service to the cyber security analyst. Demos at the FedCyber Summit will dive deep into how Platfora’s Hadoop centric Business Intelligence platform makes never before possible contributions to operational cyber defense by enabling enterprises to bring all the relevant data together and then let analysts interact with it directly.

The following is from the Platfora website:

Platfora puts business users directly in touch with big data and eliminates the need for complex and expensive data warehouse and ETL software. This fundamentally different approach to big data analytics has customers such as finding meaningful insights from their data in hours instead of weeks or months. Platfora also enters the market today with support from the greater Hadoop community.

Apache Hadoop(TM) has become the de facto operating system to store and process big data. As more and more companies begin to standardize on Hadoop, the focus has turned to how to use the platform for business analytics, without involving IT at every step. Innovation and differentiation were needed at the intelligence layer — to put the power of Hadoop quickly into the hands of more people within companies. This is where Platfora comes in.

“The promise of Hadoop and big data is enormous — that companies can flow diverse data from across the enterprise into a ‘data reservoir’ and have business users directly and immediately derive value from it. That promise has remained elusive,” said Ben Werther, Founder and CEO, Platfora. “Our customers have seen their worlds open up to new possibilities of data analysis with our product. Platfora puts every business user directly in touch with all of this data in a visually rich and immediate way that lets them make better decisions today.”

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