Announcing Analyst One: A site focusing on the analytical community

October 16, 2013
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Analysts and the technologists that serve them have been wrestling with a common challenge for years. Just like Vannever Bush described in 1945, the amount of data being created is growing faster than humans can analyze. We all seem more motivated to address this challenge, especially since fast fast analysis over data can help humanity solve some very tough challenges. This fact is moving the globe towards new “Big Data” solutions.

Much of our Big Data reporting here at CTOvision has focused on the critically important aspects of infrastructure and technology. This is foundational and important and we will continue to devote time and space to these issues. But analysts have interest far beyond the infrastructure. Analysts have a thirst for information on advanced analytics, methodologies, concepts, use-cases, lessons learned and repeatable solutions.

We formed the site Analyst One to better focus on these and other analytical issues.

Announcing Analyst One: A Site Focused On Analysts

Our Mission: Serve analysts working hard problems.

Our Goal: Provide content designed to help analysts improve their ability to understand.

Topics Covered by Analyst One include:

  • Analytics: the use of advanced tools and methodologies to extract meaning from data.
  • Sensemaking: advanced concepts to help organizations create knowledge in systemic ways.
  • Megatrends in the Analytical Community: The major forces in the analytical community that will impact us all.
  • Technologies: Tools that can improve analytical outcomes, especially user-focused applications.
  • Architectural constructs: For enterprise support to the analyst.
  • Analytical challenges and use cases: The hard problems that need more community focused thought, and repeatable solutions that should be broadly shared.

Engage With Us: We would love your input and interaction by any path convenient to you. Find us on Facebook at AnalystOne. Find us on Twitter at: @analystreport. Get us direct feedback and submit topics or article submissions here.

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About the publisher: Analyst One publisher Bob Gourley spent a career as an all source intelligence analyst covering complex/dynamic challenges. He has also served as CTO of a large enterprise focused on knowledge creation and now publishes technology-focused assessments at the blog and in its associated newsletters. Our writers include analytical thinkers and technologists skilled at assessing the issues facing the all source analysis community.