CIA Director Considers His Workforce Essential: Decides to increase staffing levels

October 9, 2013
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The Director of CIA John Brennan just issued a memo to his workforce indicating he is authorizing recalls of CIA employees necessary to carry out CIA’s core missions. To me this is evidence of a huge mistake in his initial decision-making. The orders from the White House were never to break CIA’s core missions. The orders were to continue essential functions of government. The CIA is clearly one of the crown jewels of the intelligence community, critically important to the functioning of the national security community. It never should have been touched by any shutdown order.

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Text from his statement is pasted below:

Message from the Director: Decision to Increase Staffing Levels during the Funding Hiatus

Statement to the Workforce from D/CIA Brennan about Decision to Increase Staffing Levels during the Funding Hiatus

October 8, 2013


Starting tomorrow—Wednesday, 9 October—we will begin recalling CIA employees who are necessary to carry out CIA’s core missions of foreign intelligence collection, all-source analysis, covert action, and counterintelligence. I have made this decision because of the potential adverse cumulative and unseen impact on our national security from the now week-long furloughing of a significant portion of the CIA workforce, as keeping our staffing at the dramatically reduced levels of the past week would pose a threat to the safety of human life and the protection of property.

This decision does not mean that we can recall all of our employees. We only have the ability to recall workers involved directly in our core missions. There are still important functions that we will not be able to perform. However, this action will help ensure that our Agency can effectively carry out its mission to protect our country and provide the President with critical intelligence during the lapse in funding that began on 1 October.

This new guidance goes beyond the staffing plans at the outset of the funding hiatus, and Agency managers are in the process of determining exactly who will be recalled under revised staffing plans. Unfortunately, the guidance does not guarantee that we will be able to pay our employees during the hiatus.

I know that we are all extremely frustrated at the continuing budget impasse, which has caused a partial shutdown of government functions and a furloughing of hundreds of thousands of government employees, including many CIA officers. The past week certainly has been a challenging one for CIA as well as for other U.S. Government departments and agencies, and we enter a second week not knowing when we will be able to return to normal operating conditions.

On behalf of the entire Agency leadership team, I want to thank those who have been furloughed for their tremendous patience as well as those officers who have been at work, trying to make do without the aid of their valuable colleagues. Once again, the outstanding dedication to mission and resilience of CIA officers—and of the family members who support them—are truly inspiring, and it is an honor to serve with each one of you.