CTOvision Podcast: Cybersecurity with IO’s CISO, Bob Butler

October 1, 2013
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In this podcast, Bob Butler, CISO of IO joined me to discuss cybersecurity and how improved data center operations can change the cyber paradigm. IO is the leading provider of next-generation modular data center technology and services designs, engineers and delivers cloud enabling data center infrastructure and software for the world’s largest enterprises, governments and service providers.

Bob shared some of what IO does to help build cyber defenses, as well as their partnerships with the public sector. He believes strongly in the need for information sharing, and sees further partnerships as possible and very effective. Bob sees a future in which the government and private sector work together, solving cyber problems together. We also spoke a little about how today’s budgetary crises will affect the cyber security paradigm, and our nation’s defenses (and what can be done to alleviate those issues).

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