Learn DISA’s Strategy For Information Assurance From Mark Orndorff, Chief Information Assurance Executive with DISA

September 11, 2013
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Our Department of Defense (DoD) focused senior analyst Chris Scott has previously provided succinct summaries of the DISA industry day (see DISA Industry Day: Times have changed). Her reporting extracts information we hope is of use to any technology vendor or systems integrator seeking to serve the DoD or Intelligence Community. You can also watch the videos from YouTube!

One of DISA’s key functions is enhancing the security and resiliency of DoD networks and systems. This is a hard job in any organization but DISA has to make contributions to this mission at a global scale.

Their Chief Information Assurance Executive is Mr. Mark Orndorff.

Mark kicked off his presentation with an overview of the DISA strategy for enhancing DoD’s cyber posture. He briefed two key elements to the strategy: Building on existing capabilities and posturing for the new Joint Information Enterprise. He outlined three priorities: Ensuring global visibility in a way that enables action, building and training cyber teams, and creating a more defensible architecture.

As you watch his presentation listen for concepts like an analytic cloud supporting the analytic capabilities for DoD cyber analysts. Also pay attention to the new Joint Information Environment Single Security Architecture (JIE SSA).

You can watch his industry day presentation here:


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