Invincea and iSIGHT Partners Join Forces to Combat Advanced Targeted Attacks

August 28, 2013
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Invincea integrates iSIGHT Partners’ ThreatScape® intelligence into its solution set for adversarial attribution of Invincea blocked attacks.

FAIRFAX, VA and DALLAS, TX – August 28, 2013:  Invincea, Inc., the market leader in the development of secure virtual containers for advanced malware threat detection and zero-day exploit prevention and iSIGHT Partners, the global leader in cyber threat intelligence, today announced a strategic partnership that will empower commercial enterprises and government agencies to attribute advanced targeted attacks to specific campaigns and adversaries.

With this partnership, joint iSIGHT Partners and Invincea customers will be able to fuse forensics captured from each infection blocked by Invincea Enterprise™ running on end user devices with iSIGHT Partners’ powerful ThreatScape® cloud-based service. The integration of Invincea’s threat intelligence with iSIGHT Partners’ ThreatScape™ offering will automatically provide deeper contextual information linked to Invincea observables, indicators, and metadata that describe, explain and predict current and impending threat methodologies being used by global threat sources including campaigns and the motivations behind them.

The companies will hold a webinar with special guest, Rick Holland of Forrester Research, to discuss the partnership and the value it holds for customers on Friday, September 27, 2013. Registration for this webinar is here.

Invincea’s solutions include the Invincea Enterprise™ endpoint security software and a threat intelligence appliance to capture and feed forensic information from Invincea protected workstations to the broader security infrastructure. Together these solutions protect enterprise networks of all sizes without requiring prior knowledge of attacks, commonly called attack signatures, against threats directed at end-users, including zero-days, by seamlessly moving applications that open Internet content into controlled, secure virtual containers that automatically detect and terminate threats in real time. With the Dell OEM agreement and distribution to over 20 million end points per year, Invincea has the largest footprint in market of any advanced threat protection solution.

“Advanced adversaries are attracted to low risk/high reward opportunities, and the user has become one of the favorite targets of these threat sources.” said John Watters, Chairman and CEO of iSIGHT Partners. “Companies need to clearly understand which threats are targeted and which are opportunistic in order to help them to focus their resources against those threats that present the greatest risk to their enterprise.   In short, we help customers find signals in the noise and align security resources with the business.”

iSIGHT Partners’ cyber threat intelligence products have transformed the cyber security industry by providing deep intelligence to the most challenging and often most overlooked phase of security: threat sources and motivational context. Without understanding context, it’s often difficult for cyber security teams to prioritize their attention, budget, and personnel in the face of advanced threats and open vulnerabilities.

Recent headlines including spear-phishing attacks against The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Washington Post and watering hole attacks against the U.S. Department of Labor are illustrative of the types of attacks Invincea defends against. Invincea’s non-signature based approach means there are no daily updates required and users are protected against zero-day exploits such as the recent exploit against Internet Explorer 8. Already proven and deployed in major Agencies, Defense Contractors, Financial Services, and Energy/Infrastructure concerns, Invincea is recognized as a market leader in combatting advanced targeted attacks.

“iSIGHT Partners has a unique view into the advanced targeted attack space – they’ve helped clients around the world gain an upper hand on their adversaries by providing real-time intelligence into their methods, motives and organizational structures,” said Anup Ghosh, Founder and CEO of Invincea. “This partnership represents the next stage in establishing Security 2.0. By fusing our real-time capture of actionable forensics with iSIGHT Partners’ unique intelligence, we believe that our customers will be positioned to turn the tide against aggressive actors and organized cyber-crime rings.”

Invincea is recognized as providing one of most advanced malware prevention solutions in the market – having been named “Most Innovative Company of the Year” at RSA 2011 and “Best Anti-Malware Solution 2012” by Government Security News. The company’s innovation more recently completed an exhaustive and successful test by the National Security Agency as part of a pre-acquisition effort for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

About Invincea, Inc.
Invincea is the premier innovator in advanced malware threat detection, zero-day exploit prevention, and pre-breach forensic intelligence. Invincea is the only solution on the market that provides enterprise networks with coverage against the largest attack surface for cyber-breach attacks aimed at end-users in the form of spear phishing, watering hole attacks, drive-by download exploits, poisoned search results, scareware/crimeware, social networking worms and user-initiated infections.

The company’s solutions include an endpoint security software suite and threat intelligence appliance. The solutions offer a unique ability to protect networks against all types of threats directed at end-users, including zero-days, by seamlessly moving applications that render untrusted content into controlled, secure virtual containers that automatically detect and terminate threats in real time. Invincea’s platform seamlessly moves the browser, PDF reader, Microsoft Office suite, .zip, and .exe file types from the native operating system into secure virtualized environments without altering the user experience. The company, which was founded by Dr. Anup Ghosh to address the rapidly increasing security threat from nation states, cyber-crime, and rogue actors, has commercialized technology originally built under DARPA funding. The company is venture capital-backed and based in Fairfax, VA. For more information, visit

About iSIGHT Partners

Dallas-based iSIGHT Partners is a global cyber threat intelligence firm that delivers actionable intelligence products and services to leading enterprises in business and government. With a global network of security analysts and geographic research and analysis centers in Washington DC, The Netherlands, Brazil, Ukraine, India and China, iSIGHT Partners is uniquely positioned to monitor and mine the cyber threat ecosystem and deliver proprietary intelligence products and services specific to the threats its clients face. Find iSIGHT Partners on the web at or contact Maryellen Gonzales at +1 (214) 580-2322.

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