FusionX: Persistent Cyber Risk Management

July 24, 2013
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FusionX is a firm made up of long-term and highly trusted associates who I have served with for over a fifteen years (including  Matt Devost and Tom Parker). I know them well and consider them to be among the most capable consultants in cyber security. Their methods and models help enterprises discover and mitigate risk and enhance their overall security posture in a cost-efficient manner.

Here is a bit more on what they do:
  • Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing:  Building on a 20 year legacy in providing vulnerability assessments, FusionX has comprehensive methods that will give you the information you need to reduce your vulnerabilities and attack surface. FusionX pioneered the adversary-based assessment methodology and engage in APT impersonation by replicating the tactics, techniques, and procedures of the most sophisticated attackers. 
  • Cyber Risk Management:  FusionX has years of proven past performance, something that is hard to come by and too frequently missing from other firms that advertise services in this space. Their background ofvery high quality work includes helping customers identify risk management strategies focused on mitigating current and emerging threats while protecting intellectual property and maintaining efficient business operations.
  • Incident Response: When the bad guys succeed in tricking one of your employees into doing something bad, or when malicious code finds it way into a seam in your network, or when a zero day exploit results in a loss, you need professional incident response. FusionX has developed methods after years of hands-on experience that will enable you to rapidly respond to any incident, and them implement long term strategies to prevent future compromise.  Their methodology focuses on engaging in rapid adversary characterization (Matt & Tom wrote the book on this in 2004!) and then focusing on protecting the assets that adversary is targeting as part of the response.
  • Incident Discovery and Security Management: Most enterprises today lack the ability to determine if a sophisticated adversary has compromised their network or IT resources. The FusionX team has helped confirm adversary action and works to mitigate incidents after discovery.
FusionX is the team to reach out to when you need world-class-best talent. I would recommend establishing a relationship with FusionX now, instead of waiting till you are in a crisis. When things go bad you want FusionX on your team.

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